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What is zilli app

Zili App is a kind of online short video making and posting platform. The special thing about this app is that creators can post videos here according to many categories. With this, users can watch videos of different categories according to their mood or like, comment and share them if they like.

Apart from this, you can also save these videos, without downloading, you can send them to your friends on other platforms like Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook etc. If you want, you can make a new video of yours using their background music.

This is an Indian app which is available for free for Android or IOS devices. So far more than 10 lakh users have been connected using this app.

How to create account on zilly app

Using Zili App is very easy. To install this app, your Android device must have Android version above 4.4, as well as internet connection in your phone.

As soon as you open Zili App, you have to allow some Privacy Permission here. After this you come to the home screen of this app. You do not need to login to run this app. If you want to make your videos here too, then you need to create your account here.

Zilli app how to do that

Here you get to see many sections:

  • winners
  • Following
  • popular
  • Home
  • Discovery
  • Add
  • Notifications
  • profile

Home: In this section you are shown many Videos, Short Videos, Memes, Trending Music etc. available in this App.

You get to see two types of content here. First, the content which is quite popular on this app, secondly, the content of the Creators whom you have followed. If that creator publishes any new content, then you get to see their latest updates.

Winners: In this section you are shown the list of users who have earned the most money using this app till now. The names of the top 100 participants are shown in this list.

Following: In this section, you are shown the content that you have followed and they have shared some other content.

Popular: In this section you get to see all the trending content available on this app. This is a kind of Main section which you get to see when the app is open.

Discover: In this section, you get to see information about Trending Hashtags available on this app or thousands of posts related to those Hashtags.

Add: Using this section, you can create your own content in Geely app or earn money by publishing them. Friends, you can send this content to your friends and get maximum likes. Now if you like, comment or share further. can do .

Notifications: In this section, you get to see information like how many followers have increased/decreased, who commented on your content, etc. You can Direct React on those posts from here or you can also reply and comment.

Profile: In this section, you can handle your heart or account or if you want to edit it, you can do that too.

Here you also get to see the settings related to this app, using which you can also add your Instagram or Facebook account, with the help of which the posts created by you can be shared simultaneously on each of your accounts.

You can also change the language of this app here or if you do not want to automatically watch the video shown in this app, then you can turn off Auto Play.

How to earn money from zilly app

To earn money from Zili App, first of all you have to create your account here. After this you have to upload the videos you have recorded here. After this you have to collect maximum likes or comments on these videos.

The more viral your videos are, the more money you can earn. Apart from this, you have to publish some content here every day. The Viral your content is, the more your followers increase on your profile.

How to make video on zili app

To make a video on Zili App, you first have to create an account here. After this you have to select such a background music which is quite popular. After this, the content related to it has to be created.

You can record this video by clicking on the Record Button available in this App. You can also use the many Stickers or Filters available here. The more good expressions you have in your video, the more are the chances of it going viral.

After this, you have to add a good description of this video or Hashtags related to it. After this you can tag even bigger creators in this video. This makes your video viral even more quickly. After this you can publish this video.

which country belongs to zili app

zili is an Indian App on which millions of Indian short or comedy videos are available.


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